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The 4 colours chosen are symbolic of the sun (yellow), water (blue), brown (skin), land/ochre (orange) all of these elements bear life & are interconnected.

The circle drawn in the middle of the 2 pieces represent the unending & eternal connection that we have as First Nations people to our families, our ancestors and future descendants.

The lines are symbolic of how no matter where we journey in life we will always be connected to the eternal unending circle of life and love of our families.

The dots are symbolic of the matriarchal fertility from the womb, the ovum, and how through our matriarchs, generation after generation after generation is birthed by our great grandmothers, grandmothers & mothers.

The dots also represent the responsibility that our kin have to each-other and that no matter whether a woman physically births a walbai or not, that our families naturally step into the significant roles of a Mother, Aunty, Sissy or Nanna to children she’s claimed to be apart of her every growing, every abundant kinship.

Connection to Kin - Brown

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