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Ngara (Hello)

My name is Talicia, also known as Tidda or Talz to my family and friends.

I am a proud Kabi Kabi, Gooreng Gooreng, Kemer Kemer Meriam and Maluligal, Vanuatu, Scottish & Malay woman from my Fathers lineage.

I am a proud Papua New Guinea & Scottish woman from my Mothers lineage.

I raise my 3 walbai (children) Joji Jnr, Blessing & Zion on the beautiful lands of the Gimuy Waluburra Yidinji and Yirrgandjyi Country.

We are a fulltime homeschooling family and work TTPOPP around our full homeschooling life and schedule

I am pictured on my website with my daughter Blessing Tupou & she is why we are here today.

She is a First Nations, Melanesian and Micronesian mix from myself and Melanesian and Polynesian (Tongan, Fijian & Solomon Island) from her father Joji Snr.

Blessing is an all-round Black & Deadly First Nation, Pasifika Queen.


One night in the month of August 2020 for some reason Blessing couldn’t go to sleep, so she crawled into bed with myself & as we were closing our eyes at she randomly asked “So how do people make earrings?” 

 I grabbed my laptop & typed into YouTube “How do people make earrings?". As the listings of videos came up for polymer clay earrings I sat up in my bed & said "Oh My Goodness Blessing! Look at how people make these earrings". She sat up too & was so excited! We were obsessed!


After watching YouTube clips of how people make earrings until 12:30am. Blessing was well and truly asleep.

I ended up on Instagram & my brain was exploding with inspiration & excitement! Being someone who invests quite a bit of money on EARRINGS every year I literally thought to myself “I CAN DO THIS, WE CAN MAKE THESE FREAKING EARRINGS TOGETHER” 


We bought our first batch of clay that weekend, made some earrings, FELL IN LOVE & here we are, The Birthing story of TTPOPP! 

TTPOPP is 100% Indigenous owned & operated & it was born out of my love for my daughter, my family, my love for fashion & accessories & my love for my people & culture.

TTPOPP consists of jewellery & accessories that POP WITH PURPOSE & are for people who desire to live life OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, people who stand out in the crowd, those who POP with purpose.


TTPOPP has also been created to inspire people on the path of "Progress over Perfection".

We are Culture Carriers who preserve, carry & pass on our culture to the future generations. We  exist for the people who want to leave a mark on this world & more importantly leave a legacy that will be passed on for generations.


This is our birthing story & we hope our stories of healing, blak joy & resilience inspire you to go & shock the world with your greatness & leave your mark here too. 


This is not just a hobby or small business for my family & I! My prayer is that through this creative outlet people’s lives are changed, transformed, empowered, inspired, equipped & mobilised to pursue the purpose & destiny that we have all been created for. 

We are so blessed that you are here & can join us on this journey!


Welcome to TTPOPP

“Tidda Talz Creates Progress over Perfection Pieces”

IMG_6772 2.JPG

The little Queen & I when we received our first batch of TTPOPP Biz cards

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