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Yang’ga, man’ngurba’thin dha’bano, kal’bar COLLECTION

Translation: HEALING UNDER THE STARS COLLECTION (make well in good health under the stars) - Kabi Kabi Language 🖤💛❤️

This collection has been birthed out of a time in my life that has deeply impacted me in ways I have never felt or experienced before.

I am a survivor of some deep rooted trauma & I have been on a very life changing and extremely uncomfortable healing journey over the last few years but more intensely in the last 1-2 years.

In my experience healing from trauma can be very painful, it is a very vulnerable time. For me healing from trauma has brought to the surface emotions such as anger/hatred/resentment/rage/sadness/grief/loss & it can be really challenging to process these emotions as someone who is also responsible for lil humans, this process sometimes feels unfair.

This journey I’m on has birthed the Yang’ga, man’ngurba’thin dha’bano, kal’bar COLLECTION because on my healing journey I often find myself looking at the stars wondering how my old people survived, wondering if they thought about me, wondering how they healed, wondering how the found love, joy and peace.

Naming this collection in my Kabi Kabi language is intentional to ensure I stay connected to my language & continue reclaiming my birth-rite. not heard my language spoken from the tribe I descend from The Dowarbara Tribe, but there is a generation of Kabi Kabi descendants who are directly working to wake our language back up for our family, and the generations to come.

This beautiful New Collection will be launching in TWO WEEKS on the 28th August.

I’m honoured to share the stories of these pieces with you mob and I pray as I am on my healing journey that you allow yourself the time, space & gentleness to heal also ❤️‍🩹

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