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Ally Friendly ⋒

Ally Friendly pieces are created with our First Nations (from all the countries that TTPOPPS collections represent - Aboriginal, Torres Strait, Melanesian, Micronesian, Polynesian) peoples in our heart and everyone in mind.

Ally friendly statement pieces are for everyone.

When we see non-Indigenous people wearing our pieces this too us as Indigenous peoples is awesome! We are proud that they are repping our collections and culture.

When we see First Nations designs in the world, it means that Indigenous people are not invisible in the landscape.

Our statement pieces that POP with purpose sole purpose is to start a conversation, for example, we have our ‘Black-birding Tribute’ and 'Justice Fists' earrings.

The more pieces like this in the world that fuel transformational & educational conversations in different spheres of the world, the better.

As an ally and supporter you might find yourself in spaces that the First Nations Community may not. This means that you are carrying these conversations and influencing these spheres and people with these messages.

Our pieces are worn with pride, honour, dignity & respect for our people, our stories & especially our ancestors.

There are so many non-Indigenous allies that truly and genuinely want to make our country & the countries in which our pieces represent better for First Nations, Indigenous peoples.

But, purchasing from First Nations brands, businesses and wearing First Nations designs alone is surface-level allyship. We want to encourage you to go deeper with your commitment to just buying from First Nations brands and businesses.

Wearing First Nations designs unfortunately are not dismantling a system that oppresses First Nations people. Allies need to do more and learn more. Wearing our pieces is an awesome starting point.

We have equipped you with our pieces and some of the educational content or stories to go with them via our TTPOPP Blog or in the product description when purchases our products. We want you to go out in the world, have these important conversations and find ways to do more and support more.

We will be adding an “Ally Friendly” sticker to each of our collections/products that indicate which products are created that allies can also wear. Keep an eye out for some of these changes on our website & social media posts ✊🏾

There is some valuable info over at Clothing The Gap about how you can further be an ally for First Nations people.

Learn more

Where do you fit? Tokenistic, ally – or accomplice? by Summer May Finlay (Yorta Yorta).

(This post was worded with the help of @clothingthegap

excellent post regarding allyship & modified to suit the purpose of TTPOPPS audience, mandate & vision. We appreciate Clothing The Gap for putting language together to assist First Nations Business owners with sharing our products with Allies)

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