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Celebrating Womanhood ⋒

On Monday 8th March TTPOPP (meaning Raerae & I 🤩) attended an International Women’s Day Luncheon in Cairns hosted by @marrawahlaw to celebrate womanhood.

It was our first “official” invitation as a business to attend any event such as this & it was such a beautiful occasion to kick off many more beautiful gatherings.

In the room through conversations & observation I sensed strength, wisdom, trials & triumphs, fearlessness & failure. Women who have overcome many obstacles & challenges & they still keep 👏🏾showing 👏🏾up👏🏾. These are the kinds of people we want to be positioned around, rubbing shoulders with & learning & gleaming from.

It was such a deadly gathering & I’m so grateful that we got to attend ✨

Thank you too Leah Cameron & the @marrawahlaw tribe for hosting this lovely event.

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