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Her truth will be told ⋒ Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter -

What matters is standing up for & shouting from the rooftops our support & solidarity for women who have been or still are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, discrimination or who have been silenced!

It has taken me some time to articulate & put to words how I feel about this issue because it affects me & my family to our core, it is personal, it has affected sister girls, aunties, people I know.

All I will say is DAERA ANDERSON


Let’s look at 2 stats that enrage me:

- Indigenous women are 32x more likely to be hospitalised due to family violence than non-indigenous women.

Let’s talk about this for a second. I could count on my fingers how many people of colour I seen at this event yesterday in Cairns. Cairns has some of the highest representation of First Nations people soooo I think either the message isn’t getting out OR is it maybe we still have so many of our people living in fear or are to shame to talk about there pain?? I don’t know that answer but we need more representation family WAY MORE!

Women of colour have some of the highest stats of being HOSPITALISED DUE TO VIOLENCE!!! HELLO PEOPLE!!!


2. Intimate partner violence is a leading contributor to illness, disability and premature death for women aged 18-44.

This just breaks my heart! & as you can see by the signs my sister & I are holding up we have witnessed this FIRST HAND! PREMATURE DEATH! 😞😔

We Marched because one of our own tragically passed from this side of earth to eternity at the young age of 30.....That is a premature death, a preventable death & it still to this day has major, massive, mammoth implications on our family & the wider community!

#enoughisenough we can not lose anymore sisters. We just cannot! So I believe we need to use our 👏🏾 OUTSIDE 👏🏾 VOICES (imagine me actually yelling this because I am!) & SHOUT, SPEAK UP, EMPOWER & SUPPORT our sisters, lend them an ear or direct them to support services that can help them get out of these toxic relationships, help them heal, help them stay protected, help them be seen & heard.

They need us, they need you, they need me.

At TTPOPP I want to encourage our Pop fam to understand that we are not just about making earnings for the sake of it.

Everything we do has purpose, meaning & we will always focus on issues that we believe needs awareness raised or advocacy & this March is a perfect example of some of the movements we align ourselves with in terms of advocacy, activism & social justice.

We will keep marching, shouting & raising awareness until we see change.

For more info & stats about checkout -

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