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During the @cairnsdeadlyraw IWD Warrior event JBZ PLPP [Joji•Blessing•Zion creates Progress Over Perfection Pieces] was Launched 🚀.

As we are a homeschooling family art/craft/design is a major learning pillar for our family & during this time the kids are always requesting to make earrings so @jojibolea & thought why not turn it into a way to teach the kids about business, income, being creative, connecting with our community & so much more.

Pictured in this post is Joji & Blessing serving some of their amazing customers who’s supported there launch & bought some of there products 👦🏽👧🏽.

All income earnt goes into their Bolea Kids Legacy account for there futures 😆. They also get 10% of there earnings to choose an item that they have been wanting to purchase 💰

Thank you to everyone for supporting my babies.

Watch this space we got some world changers in the making over here at TTPOPP 🌏

📍 Yirriganydji & Gimuy Wallubarra Yidinji Land

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