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Maternity Leave ⋒

The time has come Pop Tribe for me to officially go onto maternity leave. I like to call it into hibernation, a time of rest - nesting has set in & Aunty has been dusting the tracks of my walls, dusting doors, getting my family to help me clean windows, filling holes in my yard with gravel 🙄🤣🤪 lol as if baby even cares about any of that lol 😂.

This time is also a time of being STILL, pausing from the rush of society & making space in these last couple of weeks to reflect on this pregnancy, talk to my baby & my body, nourish myself & draw strength from my elders, ancestors, my faith & journey into birth time mode. Everything else in life has to wait, MUST wait!

This is a pic my sister girl @kellyrosevincin took at my maternity shoot & I love it with all my heart 🖤 🇻🇺. Alongside being a woman who descends from the Kabi Kabi & Gooreng Gooreng Tribes, Moa & Mabuiag Islands I also have strong ancestral lines to Vanuatu & more specifically Ambrym & Pentecost Island. My ancestors were forcibly stolen from their country & blackbirded to Australia as slaves to work the land for the disgraceful & greedy colonisers!

This particular shot was done as a sign to me & many of us South Sea Islanders of our ancestors strength, resilience, survival, courage, hope & bravery. Because of them I am here today & another generation is being born very soon into a legacy they paved a way for. I have a responsibility to do something of impact & significance with my life because they paved the way & I hope & pray that the generations to come will be greatful to me & my generation one day of our footprints 👣 in this world 🌎. You have many many people welcoming you earth side baby & we are so expectant for your arrival 👶🏾.

Maternity leave commences Friday 18th & all items on my website TTPOPP.COM will be offline until I resurface from my hibernation & postpartum journey 🖤✨

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