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Hello Pop Tribe,

Our newest collection set to launch Sunday 28th Feb 2021 @ 2pm EST will have roots that connect to the gorjus Melanesian, Micronesian & Polynesian countries & cultures.

This collection is all about collaborating with amazing people from these beautiful Nesian cultures to showcase the rich Nesian flavours to the world.

These Nesian Cultures like Australasia are beautiful, rich in colour, flavour, custom & diversity.

I am so passionate about this collection as I myself have roots that connect me to Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea & Malaysia & my children have all of these plus connections to Fiji & Tonga. Talk about a big tasty, delicious fruit salad :).

By now you know all to well that we don't just sell earrings here at TTPOPP, one of our biggest purposes is to carry culture, pass on knowledge & information & we really believe that the history of the Nesian people are so important to pass on so we hope you find the information below information, educational & empowering.

Recently I had some information shared with me about how French colonisers set out to divide these beautiful countries & people groups into racial hierarchies & was determined to assimilate to European culture, religious & aesthetic values.

I was shocked as I had never heard of this information before & naively thought that colonisation only occurred in Australia. Little did I know!

This information has been extracted from: Tcherkezoff, The Journal of PAcific History 2003 - SEE BELOW ATTACHMENT

So in-light of the above this collection is for every beautiful person who has Nesian roots because our heart is to CELEBRATE YOU, CELEBRATE OUR ANCESTORS, CELEBRATE THEIR RESILIENCE & CELEBRATE THEIR RESISTANCE!

Much Love + Light + Life Tribe

Tidda Talz :)

Tcherkezoff[2003] - A Long and Unfortuna
Download • 3.19MB

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