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My Elders, Ancestors went to war for a country that did not even recognise them as living beings…

Let that sit for a while…

Yet they still fought! They still sacrifice! They still braved the battles & bloodshed for this land that has been named so called Australia today.

My family like many other First Nations families has courageous warriors that went to war for this country, for their families, for me & my children & the generations to come & EVERYDAY I honour you, respect you & thank you for your life.

While you were fighting for this country you were also fighting for your own rights, your own existence, your own land & that to me shows more about the character, spirit, courage, bravery, tenacity, resilience & love my people have our people & our land more than anything!

I honour you & WILL NEVER FORGET ✊🏾💚🖤🤍💙 ✊🏾🖤💛❤️

1st image by @taliciabolea

2nd Image by @charliewanti

3rd & 4th image collage by @bvoice_1 @bvoiceinstaworshipsess

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