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Mabo Day 👣

Culture & Identity is one of the pillars that make up our learning foundation.

This week we focused on the 30th anniversary of the Torres Strait Island Flag & 30th Anniversary of the Mabo case which proved Terra Nullius (land belonging to no one) was void & that First Nations people were here prior to colonisation & always have been on this continent for Millenia.

The Torres Strait Islander flag was designed by the late Bernard Namok Snr., as a winning entry in a design competition, which was held as part of a Cultural Revival Workshop in 1992. The competition was run by the then Island Coordinating Council, representing the community councils in the Torres Strait.

The flag represents our unique region and culture, and stands for the unity and identity of all Torres Strait Islanders;

🟢 The two green lines represent the land,

🔵 The blue between is the sea,

⚫ The black lines represent our communities - the people of the Torres Strait,

⚪ White represent peace,

⭐ The central symbol of the Dhari (headdress) with the five-pointed star represents the five island clusters of the Torres Strait as well as our history of sea-faring navigation.

🎬 The story of the Torres Strait Islander flag is captured in the 2017 documentary titled "Carry the Flag", featuring Bernard Namok Jnr.

To learn more visit:

📍 Yirriganydji & Gimuy Wallubarra Yidinji Land


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