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My Free-birthing Story ⋒

This story is honestly too long to share about in 1 post so I will attempt to be as detailed but brief as possible. But because you all know Aunty loves to yarn I’m going to be going live soon to yarn in detail about my free birthing story.

Some of you may know that I had the most phenomenal birth with my daughter Blessing in hospital 5 years ago & I did not even know home birth existed at this time. Last year I somehow discovered home-birthing & thought “that would be awesome let’s do some research into this”. If I had an amazing birth 2nd time round it could be just as deadly 3rd time round.

We got the ball rolling but by 33 weeks I was deemed high risk due to a post partum haemorrhage (excessive bleeding after childbirth) with Blessing THAT I DID NOT REALISE HAPPENED 🤷🏾‍♀️. Bcoz of this my initial plan of a home-birth with a midwife turned into a free birth with 2 x doulas.

There is a stigma around home birthing, that women who choose this path are reckless & misinformed but I stand before you & totally & 100% disagree. I have never learnt more about pregnancy & childbirth than ever before this time round. I had THREE BIRTH PLANS, did birth empowerment sessions with my doula, read intensely & excessively about birth & all of its intricacies, exercised, ate healthy, stretched, did yoga etc. So wreckless was definitely something I was not!

My birth went longer than expected (9hrs, Blessing was 6) Bub was birthed fully at home but for some reason my body started haemorrhaging & the placenta was retained & did not birth. I attempted many times to push it out with my contractions & stood up to give one more big push but fainted in Jojis arms. This scared my hunni & family & birth plan #2 kicked in right away & the ambulance was called.

After much questioning & speculation with my doulas, friends who are midwives & nurses we put it down to my placenta wanting to make sure I lived to tell the story of Zi Zi’s birth. It potentially saved my life by staying in place so that I did not haemorrhage further with an open wound. If u read this & it traumatises you I wouldn’t blame you because there is an element of grief & trauma that I am still processing because my plan A (#1) didn’t occur.

I have heard women say in the past “God sometimes doesn’t give us the birth we WANT, but the birth we NEED” & although I did ALLL the things to be fully & 100% prepared birth is still unpredictable & did not go to my plan. I am still so blessed that I got to experience birthing at home, & I will never forget such an experience like this.

I was taken to hospital given general anaesthetic & the doctor remove my placenta which at this point was ready & easy to remove 🤷🏾‍♀️. If you know me u know I can be quite strong in my passion about certain topics & I believe if my birth went 100% to plan that I would be very resistance to the hospital & medical system but I believe in my heart my birth occurred the way it did as a lesson for me to realise THERE IS A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING & that it is imperative to have a balanced outlook & perspective on life & not err to much to one side.

I’m keen to share why if in the future I was to birth again that I would most probably not birth at home due to my haemorrhage history & also being a wife & mum of 3 for my families sake, I’d choose to be closer to medical support. I would continue to empower & educate myself to birth & have a doula to hold my birth space in a hospital. Is this being fearful, HECK NO! this is me making an educated & informed decision & being wise about my health.

Anyways this was my attempt at a short post lol, I’m looking forward to sharing more with u all soon & if u have any questions pls shoot them through as I can not wait to yarn 😂

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Thank you for sharing your birthing story Sis. I admire your strength and wisdom and look forward to hearing more from you on your journey as you keep sharing the goodness of God and the beauty of this one wild and beautiful life!! Much love and respect for you and family ❤️🙌🏾 xx

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