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Co-Op collaboration 👣

As a co-op we have received such invaluable content over the last Term & we are so blessed to have had Aunty Layla (who is a stinking Scientist👩🏽‍🔬) share so much wisdom & knowledge.

There isn’t enough characters in a post to explain the depth of her knowledge but these are just a few lessons she has facilitated for our walbai.


  1. How to make fire: the 3 components involved with starting it/keeping it burning & what fuel to use & the importance of respecting fire, how to use it to survive/cook

  1. Asking the question: Why do plants grow flowers? - How flowers are pollinated by bees, the importance of parent plants, the importance of bees during the pollination process.

  1. Asking the Question: Why can't airplanes fly to space? - How do planes fly, what keeps them in the sky

  1. How to throw a Bargan (Boomerang - Gubbi Gubbi Language), the components responsible for it flying - lift/thrust/drag/flight.

  1. First Nations Art analysis - Describing what we see, Analysing how the art is organised, Interpreting what is happening, deciding what we think about the art work. The kids then learnt about The Colour Theory - Colour Wheel & made their own wheels which consisted of the primary colours, then mixed the secondary colours then after this they painted there Bargan.

  • Also in this activity we went to the Umi Arts Centre & looked at the First Nations art on display & the different mediums use to create the pieces

There are many other things I could share about these activities but it’s important to remember everything done is age appropriate & explained at each child’s learning level. Our children don’t always engage or even get along (they’re kids lol😂), we reflect alot about what our walbai are retaining & if they even liked the activities.

As a co-op we just keep trying different ways of teaching, learning & coaching & hope & pray these lil lives are being enlightened & inspired.

We were so grateful to have used the DIYDG Headquarters for our art activity so biggest Esso for the use of your deadly space.

Keen to share with you all about what sister Tin has also been teaching our walbai soon 🖤

📍Living, Learning Thriving on Yirriganydji & Gimuy Wallubarra Yidinji Land

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